The Next Step

I offer 1:1 coaching through a combination of email and Skype or phone sessions, usually lasting about half an hour. We’ll talk about your life and current challenges, with a focus on becoming aware of and shifting your thoughts in a positive direction, while releasing old thought patterns that keep you stuck in unhelpful, negative energy – because when your energy changes,  everything changes.

All meaningful and lasting change starts on the inside and ripples out from there. When you learn to shift your focus you’ll start to feel better immediately – even when it seems like nothing on the outside has changed. In time, with your continued attention and intention, the outside will change as well, as your positive energy begins to impact the people and events around you.

Contact me below for a complimentary discovery call. If you want to continue beyond that, my regular charge is $35/session. This coaching process is about reclaiming your natural state of joy, ease, and peace … and it’s fun, too! Whether you’re dealing with a specific problem or just a general sense that life isn’t all it could be, your greatest power to affect the world, and your own experience of it, lies within you. Learn to use that power consciously.

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