As a trained life coach, I provide strategy, support, encouragement, and objectivity in the process of your individual growth.

My passion is for nurturing creativity and revealing innate wisdom. I work with women who feel a persistent yearning for something they can’t quite express. I help them identify their personal strengths, dreams, and interests so they can turn that yearning energy into creating a joyful, fulfilling life.

My strengths as a coach include intuitive understanding, spiritual awareness, deep listening, and gentle, steadfast facilitating of your vision.

I was trained at CoachU, an International Coaching Federation-accredited institution. I’m a native Minnesotan, currently living in the Twin Cities area. In my 20s and 30s, I homebirthed and homeschooled my four wonderful children. In my 40s I spent a summer working throughout the midwest on a road maintenance crew and returned to college to finish my B.A. degree at the University of Minnesota.

Always a student of life, I continue to see out ways to express my purpose through my work, my play, and my relationships.

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