Recent Article: Summer Days on a Road Crew

I’m pleased to share an article I wrote that was recently published in the July issue of Women’s Press magazine. It’s a little peek into a difficult time in my life, and how the choice to take a risk led to unexpected personal discoveries and growth. I submitted the piece well over a year ago, but they didn’t choose it at the time. What a pleasant surprise I had a few months back when the editor emailed, asking for permission to publish it this summer! I take it as a reminder that we don’t always see the results of our efforts for a long time.

Summer Days on a Road Crew

My experience on the road crew was a great learning and healing opportunity. I’m glad to be able to share a little of what I gained from my time working on the road, and I hope to do much more sharing in the future – here and in other publications. We are inspired by stories, both those we share and those told by others. I’d love to hear what you’ve gained from unexpected places in your life.

Happy adventuring!

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